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WriteLess Framework

Writeless is a framework that helps development, making it more productive and standardized. With less code you can do much more.
The front end is in Angular and helpers. In the back end is used .NET C#.
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c# .net + angular

About me

I started working with web systems in 1999 and I'm a .NET developer since 2005. In 2008, I graduated in computer science.

Today my focus is back-end development with C# and front-end with Angular. I am curious about new trends and opened to new technologies. To maintain productivity and standardization code, I developed a framework for use in projects, my monograph was based on this study.

I have skills for small and medium leading teams. I am Scrum Master and I used TFS (VSTS) to manage the project life cycle.

In 2014, I started developing for Android by hobby. My main app has +350K downloads with rank 4.4. I use Android Studio as IDE.

Nowadays I have been maintaining the WriteLess Framework (my productivity tool), that is always updated following the market trends. WriteLess has a DDD-based architecture, using technologies such as EF, MVC.NET, WebAPI, SignalR, AngularJS, Bootstrap, SpecFlow, Selenium, among others.

Android App

Meu Ponto is a time tracker that makes it easy to record your work hours.
I developed using Java in Android Studio. In two years, more than 350,000 downloads.
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native android app

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FARFETCH Luxury Fashion Platform

Developer E-commerce Platform with ASP.NET. Some projects follow microservice architecture.
ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, REST, Web Api, CI, CD, SQL Server, MongoDB, Kafka, RabbitMQ.


ELETRA ENERGY Hardware Industry

Developer Insdustrial ERP with Angular and ASP.NET MVC. Some modules have hardware communication uses SignalR.
Angular, ASP.NET MVC, REST, Web Api, OWIN, Self-Hosted, SignalR, EF, SQL Server, TFS and Bootstrap.


CPQIFinancial Software House

I had the role of leader and architect on a project for an American bank based in Brazil. The system uses TDD methodology and I did the configuration the TFS + Sonar for management the project.
jQuery, ASP.NET MVC, EF, WCF, SQL Server, TFS, Sonar, Bootstrap, Specflow, NUnit, Moq and Selenium.


IRACEMA Food Industry

Responsible for requirements and develop/maintain the Industrial ERP.
ASP.NET WebForms, Windows Service, Web Service, SQL Server, TFS e jQuery.


E-NOVARSoftware House

esponsible for requirements and develop/maintain the client projects. Realized projects for credit card companies, subway company, financial companies, among others.
ASP.NET WebForms, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, Lua, SQL Server, Oracle, SVN e jQuery.



Responsible for develop/maintain the clients projects. I created a code generator for windows forms, it's essential for productivity and standardization.
.NET Windows Forms, Webservice, handling stream audio/video, SQL Server, SVN and Code Generator.

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I live in Brazil but I am free for home office work anywhere.
Send me a message if you want to learn more about WriteLess or wanted to hire me.

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